Term and Conditions


At the time of registration, all the identity fields must be completed correctly, otherwise, if the identity fields are Fake, your account will be closed and no wage will be returned. HighHosters can change or supplement the above rules at any time and has no obligation to inform customers, and ultimately the citational version will be the version available on the official Config Server website at HighHosters.Net Will be located and run for all customers.

Refund conditions

If you have a problem and High Hosters can not solve your problem, your full payment will be refunded. if your refund reason is change of mind and order mistakenly etc refund will not be processed.

Refund for any reason

If you want to get refund in this case you need to provide an solid reason for refund reason like a change of mind etc will not accepted


Any insult to HighHosters, backers, and administrators through any means of communication: email, ticket system, live chat, phone, and in person in any form is prohibited and the configuration of the server can completely terminate the service and close your account without any refund License systems are professionally designed and prepared, and almost everything is done to provide a better and more exclusive service. However, it may not be possible to provide the above system. Currently, High Hosters has several methods for each system, all of which are private and hidden and no one can detect them, so if one of the methods is closed, it will be possible to use another method and there is no need to worry. . In case of system closure, special conditions will be considered according to the time purchased.

Renewal of services

Users are required to renew their service before the due date. All services are extended for 30 days and it does not matter if it is 30 days or 28 days. All are extended for 30 days. If the service is renewed after a few days, the above service will be renewed for 30 days from the same day of renewal and will not be related to the due date.